Bike fitting

As my kids grew into teens and got new bikes, it seemed that I was always huffing and puffing to keep up with my family on bike rides.  Since I enjoy biking this was getting annoying.  So I went to The Bike Gallery and told them my situation:  “I love to bike with the family but it seems like lately I feel like I’m always peddling uphill in mud while the rest of the family breezes by…plus my right hand goes numb on longer rides.  What can I do?  Do I need an electric bike? Do I need a three wheel trike?”

The Bike Gallery took a look at my old bike and pointed out that it was much heavier than my kids’ and husbands newer bikes, meaning I was working harder to move mine than they were working to move theirs.  He also pointed out that my wheels were smaller, meaning I had to work harder to go as far as their larger wheels went.  He pointed out that I was leaning forward and pushing on my handgrips, and that if I had a more upright seating position – and if I wasn’t working so hard to pump and keep up – I might not be gripping and leaning forward so much.

He suggested the Trek 7000 women’s model because it was light weight, had larger wheels, shorter length, upright seating position, and had adjustable rise stem, saddle angle and position, and adjustable handbars.

I like that I can step through the ladies model (I had to lift my leg up high and kind hop with my previous hybrid bike), the saddle is soft and comfy, and the shocks are good so I don’t feel like my bones are shaking.  I got some extras for rainy Portland commutes and errands, including front and rear fenders, a back rack and bag to hold my purse and bike lock, and front and rear lights for night, dusk, and foggy rides.  In the future I could attach bag holders on both sides of the bike rack for groceries, too. I took the bell off my old bike and put it on the new one.

I’ll probably be riding this bike into my 50’s if not 60’s.  Then maybe I can look into that electric bike or three wheeler:)

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