Jumping into the abyss

October 31st, 2012, I’m jumping into the abyss.  Starting a new blog.  Attempting to capture new and better ideas that will be a muse to other thought leaders.  There are so many people making a positive difference, but it seems like we rarely hear about them with all the cacophony of news that caters to violence.  Violence won’t make our world – or our own souls – better.   So that’s why I’m starting this blog, to create a haven for thought leaders, innovators, and others seeking an alternate source of better ideas.

Recently I was sharing with a neighbor about a non-toxic food grade roof  idea I’d entered in a contest.  She basically told me that my ideas are odd.  She also posed that toxins are everywhere and there’s nothing we can do about it-  that maybe I should stop wasting my time/energy working on clean roof projects.

That got me to thinking.  She’s half right.  I’ve got all these ideas to make the world a better place.  But I don’t have an engineering degree.  I don’t have deep pockets.  But I am curious, and I’ve had successes in implementing some of my ideas. I have a diverse group of friends and family with differing talents and abilities (including my good friend above).   It would be great to find a group of like-minds when it comes to better ideas and thought-leader thinking.  So, I’m starting this blog to put my ‘odd’ ideas out there and see who bites:)  Hopefully others with odd ideas will be encouraged to  make the world better one little talent, one little kindness, one little idea at a time.

6 responses to “Jumping into the abyss

  1. Great job Barb. You never cease to amaze me.

  2. Love that you’re doing this Aunt Barb! Sometimes the best way to initiate change is by speaking up and encouraging good ideas, which you have a lot of! Looking forward to reading more of your posts. Love you!

    • Thanks, Jennie! I read your blog because you are a thought leader as well. You may find your ideas re-posted at some time in the future, if you don’t mind me sharing them (and giving you credit, of course).

  3. Barb, this is so interesting! I love it! You really know how to think outside the box and that is what this world needs more of on a daily basis. Somehow, you need to get these ideas out to entreprenuers who can put them to good use. Or get them to College of Engineering Schools like at Purdue University. Send them to professors as ideas for school projects for students. This is a very worthy project, and I love the ideas you have put forth, and the concept of thought leaders. You go, Girl! Kathy

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